What should the groom wear to the wedding?

Feb 26, 2021 | Ideas + Advice, Trends, Wedding

This is a question that certainly has too many answers to list … but here are a few suggestions of things to include in the thought process when determining the optimum answer.

  • A well-fitting garment is most important – you do not have to have it custom-made, but if you know you will have future occasions to wear it, why not spring for a nice lightweight wool suit in a darker color … not necessarily black or chocolate brown, but navy, charcoal, or darker khaki.
  • Consider the fabric – surprising to many, wool can be worn the year around. It is an extremely comfortable, breathable fabric that will hold its shape better than any other … and if cared for appropriately, it will outlast any other fabric in your wardrobe. If you opt for wool, check the label (or verify with the salesman/tailor) that the weight of the woven fabric contains no more than 10 oz. of wool per yard.
  • Suit or sports coat – the formality of the event is traditionally evidenced by whether the men wear suits (more formal) or they wear sports coats and slacks (less formal). Both options are seen in almost equal number.
  • Ties – bowtie or necktie – it is a matter of preference … but if you like the look of a bowtie, make sure you know (or someone with you knows) how to tie it properly (machine-tied bowties miss the mark). Purchasing the same tie for each of the men in the bridal party is a nice thank you gift … and they add a subtle uniformity for the photographs.
  • Shirt – always long-sleeved, in a soft color (ecru, white, pale gray, light blue or light pink). And most important, make sure the neck size is comfortable enough to allow you to put your index finger between the collar (when buttoned) and your Adam’s apple.  [I attended a wedding where the groom’s shirt collar was so tight that it caused him to be sick as he was about to enter the side door at the church!] 
  • Slacks – make sure that they are long enough to cover your socks when standing.
  • Socks – yes!
  • Shoes – polished, not scuffed (and as a personal aside…if you’re wearing a dark blue suit, wear dark shoes, not light brown!)

Of course, everyone will be watching to see what the bride is wearing … and you don’t want to steal her thunder, but you should look like you belong together.

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